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NEW!!!     NEW!!!   NEW!!!   NEW!!!    NEW!!!   NEW!!!   NEW!!!   NEW!!!

Improved Air Trap Design!



JMP is now releasing its newly designed Air Traps. Our earlier Air Traps worked great with its internal filter. In most cases, the filter would last several years without replacement. But, when filled with debris, they had to be returned to us for re-build. In most cases with good fuel filtering they went a long way and continue to function properly in many models. The problem here is that too many modelers used these Traps until they totally clogged and failed. This should never happen on expensive models as an engine out  was usually the result.

Our new design Air Traps have several upgrades. The machined parts inside and out are absolute perfection. The fiberglass body is made of multiple layers of a special fabric and resin. The clear plastic bodies you often see make end seals far less reliable and not always leak proof. Our fiberglass bodies are prepared and permanently epoxied to the Air Trap end caps. We have changed over to an entirely different air bubble diffuser and core. The diffuser breaks up air bubbles completely before they enter the final fuel feed line going to the pump.  The used core and diffuser can be easily unscrewed from the Air Trap body and replaced with the new core and diffuser. It should only take a couple of minutes. In fact, you might be able to do the replacement of the used core and diffuser without removing the Air Trap body from the model.  Just remove the Fuel Out fuel line from the center fitting on the core and unscrew the used core. A 5/8” deep socket is all it takes.

The screw-in removable core is not available in the Small size Air Traps because of the small diameter of the body. The same bubble diffuser used in the Medium size Air Trap is built inside the Small size Air Trap. We will be able to install a new diffuser in the Small size Air Trap, but it will need to be returned to JMP.

It is going to take some time to know when to replace the Air Trap core and diffuser. Obviously, there are many variables on this. As of now I would say once a year or 100 gallons of properly filtered fuel to be safe.

It takes a long time and quite a few people flying new parts in their jets for me to be sure we have a good part. This does not often happen in our hobby. It is more normal for many jet companies to just make some parts, copy some others, and throw the product out on the market. We have been making Air Traps longer than anyone else in this business and for a good reason. Excellent design, proper testing and great product support.  I am very hesitant to show the new Air Trap air diffuser, but here goes.  As we continue to set the standard on Air Traps, I don’t think it will be long until our competition makes similar changes.

We still have quite a few of the older design Traps that can be final assembled and shipped. Most are of the vertical design in all sizes. The small and X-Large sizes are still available in both vertical and horizontal design. We can discount the older design Air Traps at 50% until existing stock runs out. This is a good deal and will not last long.


           Small Horizontal Mount-1.5”x 3.25”-2.9 ozs................ 127.12   

           Small Vertical Mount-1.5” x 3.25”-2.9 ozs..................... 99.28

           Medium Horizontal Mount-1.75” x 3.75”-4.66 ozs........ 129.04

           Medium Vertical Mount-1.75” x 3.75”-4.66 ozs............ 100.72

           Large Horizontal Mount-2.25”x 4”-8.8 ozs................... 171.71

           Large Vertical Mount-2.25”x 4”-8.8 ozs....................... 133.31

           Extra Large Horizontal Mount-3”x 5”-19.5 ozs............. 183.11

           Extra Large Vertical Mount-3”x 5”-19.5 ozs................. 145.79

      Choose one option for each fuel line:

       1. Number of “Fuel In” hose fittings 1___or 2___

      2. Size of “Fuel In” hose fittings 1/8”___or 3/16”___

      3. Size of “Fuel Out to Pump” hose fittings 1/8”___or 3/16”___

      4. Size of “Fuel/De-Fuel” hose fitting and fuel line plug 1/8”___ or 3/16”___


      LARGE/EXTRA LARGE ................................................................. 45.00

      SMALL/MEDIUM ........................................................................... 35.00

Flush Fuel Vent System


FV-1 ……………. 37.00

The JMP FV-1 Flush Fuel Vent System begins with the main threaded fitting. A 3/8” hole is drilled into the fuselage and the threaded fitting is secured with the 3/8” washer and panel nut. There are two sizes of fuel line choices for the vent line, either 3/16” or 1/8” ID.  This fuel system vent line attaches the internal right angle fitting to the main fuel tank vent.  If you are using the FV-6 Forward Facing Vent, or, “scoop”, time the two mount holes of the threaded fitting to point the “scoop” forward.

FV-6 ………………… 28.80

The FV-6 Forward Facing Vent, or “scoop” is screwed to the main chassis with (2) #2-56x3/32 socket head cap screws.  This “scoop” is usually installed if there is excessive fuel exiting the main fuel tank vent line. This residual fuel on the fuselage is often caused by aggressive flying including inverted pushing maneuvers.  Sometimes, the fuselage boundary layer near the external vent can also cause fuel to exit the Flush Fuel Vent. The FV-6 Scoop/Vent may help eliminate this problem. However, the FV-6 Scoop/Vent will make the attachment to the Overflow Tank difficult.

FV-2 ………………24.55

The FV-2 Magnetic Fitting Assembly is available to attach the overflow tank line to the FV-1 Flush Fuel Fitting.

If your flying style is very aggressive, a catch tank will stop vent line fuel from spraying out onto the rear fuselage.

FV-5 ……………………………… 20.95

Also available is a magnetic plug and flag that can be inserted during model transport to prevent fuel leakage.

New Overflow Tank ………….. 60.00

Our new style Overflow Tank can receive the Magnetic Probe once disconnected from the model’s Flush Fuel Vent.

 JMP External Fueling Assembly


The JMP External Fueling Assembly EFA-1 allows a neat filling port on the side of the fuselage. An interior manual ball valve attaches to the Air Trap Fill/Drain port, eliminating the standard Air Trap Blocking Plug.

FV-2 ………………24.55

This assembly requires the FV-2 magnetic fueling probe that inserts into the flush fitting on the side of the fuselage. Just insert the magnetic fueling probe, open the manual ball valve, fill the fuel tanks and shut-off the manual ball valve. Then disconnect the magnetic fueling probe.

Molded Offset Gear Door Hinges



We have finished the molds for our new Offset Hinges. These hinges are beautifully molded from high quality fiber filled plastic. All part design, material and molding are done here in the United States.

The three sizes of Offset Hinges begin with the ½” pivot length, which is the same as the molded size of the past. The middle size has a ¾” pivot length. The large size has a 1” pivot length. The hinge axles are alloy steel and each set includes two mounting pads.

Current models with large doors can be improved with these parts along with many other in our expanding line of accessories. Sold 6 per pack.

1/2" Pivot......24.00    

3/4" Pivot......36.00               1" Pivot......48.00

Brake Valve


The JMP Brake Valve is produced in two versions. The first is a stand alone design. The second version as part of the JMP Multi Spool Block Valve. The Brake Valve plus 1-Circuit Block Valve would normally be used for models with retract gear and brakes. The Brake Valve plus 2- Circuit Block Valve is for models that have brakes, retract gear and gear doors. Any of these valves can be mounted directly to the control board or used with our PCU-V2 frames which also include a manifold for the gear and door air lines.

The size of the JMP Brake Valve is 2”x 7/8” x ½”. The height is designed to line up with a JR 8711HV servo. Just use our Zero-Flex grommets and the standard JR two side control arm.  Also available is a machined attach link to keep the install as compact as possible.

Connect the brake air supply line to the “Air In” side elbow fitting and the “Air Out” fitting on the lower side of the valve to the wheel brakes. When the push rod is fully depressed, full system pressure will be delivered to the brakes. When the push rod is fully extended, the pressure to the wheel brakes is zero.


Brake Valve Plus Retract Valve



Brake Valve Plus Retract and Door Valve



Here are JMP's new Brake Valves plus 1-Circuit Retract Valve and our Brake Valve plus 2-Circuit Retract/Door Valve.   The Proportional Brake Valve will activate most wheel brake designs in use today.  To work best your Brake servo should have at least 100 in.oz. of torque. We use a JR 8711HV servo for this. The Brake Valve requires about .5 inches of stroke to operate from zero to full system pressure. Lesser servos will work but will buzz more when applying maximum braking. As you increase the system pressure, it requires progressively more servo torque to deliver this pressure to the wheel brakes.  

The gear and door spools are our standard Hi-Flow design with the gear circuit using machined fittings and aluminum air line locknuts. Just set servo end points to push the spools from end stop to end stop to retract the gear or close the doors.

We have several fitting sizes available for custom installations. The stock setup uses 1/8" air line fittings on the Brake Valve circuit. The Door circuit uses 1/8" fittings. The Retract Gear circuit uses 4mm fittings with air line locknuts.

Brake Valve Plus Retract Valve         $155.00

Brake Valve Plus Retract and Door Valve      $185.00


(Valves and Servos not Included)


PCU V-2 Frame for Brake Valve Plus 1 Circuit      $135.00


PCU V-2 Frame for Brake Valve Plus 2 Circuits      $170.00


The JMP PCU-V2 or Pneumatic Control Unit is designed to control the brakes, retract gear cylinders and landing gear door cylinders of the most complex r/c model aircraft. The goal of the PCU is to eliminate the complexity and disorganized nature of model pneumatic systems. Most installations have many t-fittings which cause unavoidable pressure drops across the entire system. This is eliminated with the PCU. The overall size of the completed PCU-V2 is 7.0” in length and 2.6” in width.  

Either standard 1/8” OD or 4mm fittings with aluminum lock nuts can be ordered. Large models with increasing air cylinder diameters often now use 4mm size air lines. When ordering, let us know the number of retract gear cylinders and gear door cylinders.  The proper fittings will then be installed. Unused ports on the PCU lower side manifold can be plugged, but changed later for some other model with different cylinder counts. Many combinations of fittings and control possibilities can be imagined.

Our connecting links are made especially for this application and others.

Machined Gear/Door Manifold


All air lines for as many as three retract gear cylinders and three to six gear door cylinders can be attached to the Retract/Door Manifold. For example: Six individual air lines coming from the three retract gear cylinders can be attached to the manifold. Just decide which row of the captive nut fittings will be the retract gear up lines. The other row of captive nut fittings will be the retract gear down lines. The captive nut fittings on the front edge of the manifold will be power to the gear up and gear down rows of fittings. The other two rows of the smaller hose barb type fittings are attach points for the gear door cylinders.

The Retract/Door Manifold should eliminate most of the T-fittings which mess up installations and cause pressure drops throughout the system. The manifold is usually mounted near the central and lower part of the model or to the bottom of the fuselage. All lines from the retract gear cylinders and gear door cylinders will attach to the Retract/Door Manifold. In more complex installations with multiple gear door cylinders there can be as many as 18 individual air lines. Once organized and neatly attached to the fuselage and the manifold, these 18 air lines are now only 4 air lines of sometimes referred to as 4 circuits (Gear Up, Gear Down, Doors Up and Doors Down). These 4 air lines will pass upward and attach to the operating valves on the control board.

Shown in the photo the Manifold has 3 sets of retract gear cylinder fittings that are 4mm.

There are also 6 sets of 1/8” fittings for the gear door cylinders. Just about any number of attach fittings and air line sizes can be ordered.

We have several Retract Gear, Gear Door and Brake operating valve choices available along with a great Door Sequencer. 

Retract/Door Manifold         $89.95


V-2 Fill Panel

Checkout our JMP Fill Panels in either 1-Circuit, 2-Circuit or 3-Circuit designs. These fill panels come with precision 1-Way Fill Valves and air gauges. A neat front panel and a machined mounting plate attach the Fill Panel to the model. Normally, our Tapered Filling Adapter is used with our 1-way fill valve.  Also available is a 1-Way Valve with a screw in fill fitting.

                                                                                       1-Circuit Fill Panel   $159.00

                   2-Circuit Fill Panel    $289.00

                                                                                  3-Circuit Fill Panel     $378.00

Professional Series Air Tanks



JMP’s Professional Series Air Tanks come in four sizes:

230 ml-Small……………….$35.00      360 ml-Medium……………$36.00

700 ml-Large……………….$37.00      1000 ml-Extra Large…….$40.00

 All of these Air Tank sizes can be ordered with installed fittings as follows:

 Straight fitting: 1/8” or 4mm air line

90 degree fitting: 1/8” or 4mm air line

T-fitting: 1/8” or 4mm air line

The extra large size has nearly half again more volume than the standard large tanks currently in use.

The Air Tanks assembled with 90 degree fittings are used when installations have no clearance in the front. T-fittings are used when multiple Air Tanks are installed or when using an air gauge.

Our Air Tank fittings are machined to maximize compressed air flow rates, and include a clamping nut to eliminate air line blow off. All assembly which includes lid crimping, permanent sealing of the fittings, and leak checking is performed at JMP.

 Make JMP your first choice for quality accessories in all your modeling projects.     


JMP Door Cylinders

3/8" I.D. x Eight Stroke Lengths



                                     Cylinder Pricing:

                                  .5" Stroke......39.50    1" Stroke......41.00

                                1.5" Stroke......42.50    2" Stroke......44.00

                                2.5" Stroke......45.50    3" Stroke......47.00

                                3.5" Stroke......48.50    4" Stroke......50.00

Used for years by quality minded modelers, the JMP Door Cylinder is now available in eight stroke lengths. These door cylinders are perfectly machined and carefully assembled with each one required to pass a “bubble tight” leak check.

They are designed with a precision fixed orifice that stops the “snap action” and door slamming of other styles while eliminating the additional cost of separate restrictors. The piston rod has 4-40 thread for Quik-Link, Rocket City or ball link attach points.

Available in 1/2" increments from .5” of stroke length through 4” of stroke length.

Also, pictured below is the 1” stroke length cylinder with the custom machined cylinder pivot post for secure mounting. The pivot post fits every cylinder length.

Pivot Post......8.00

2-way Retract Hex Valve


JMP’s new 2-way Hex Valve is now available. This servo controlled valve features six output fittings which will directly operate a common three air cylinder retract system.  The Hex Valve will often eliminate most or all of the T-fittings. The spool design has definite end stops which eliminates over travel. This is the highest flow retract cylinder operating valve available and can be ordered with hose barbs for 1/16” i.d. air line or 4mm air line.

These Hex Valves are perfectly machined and carefully assembled with each one required to pass a “bubble tight” leak check.

Also available is a very compact Connecting Link to finish the servo to Hex Valve connection.

Hex Valve.....63.00    Connecting Link.....15.00

Shut Off Valve and Machined Mount


Complete Assembly.....45.00     Mount Only.....25.00

The mount securely holds the shut off valve to the model jet’s control board. Locate the shut off valve between the pump and the turbine engine. The Machined Mount can be purchased alone or with the shut off valve.

JMP Air Trap

Four sizes in either vertical or horizontal style are now available.

The JMP Air Trap uses a proprietary fiber membrane to filter fuel to 10 microns and virtually eliminate air from entering the final fuel pump suction line. Smoke systems are also improved with use of the Air Trap. This design is extremely robust with properly designed end caps that deal with positive and negative pressures often found during fast fuel filling and draining. The JMP Air Trap comes completely assembled, leak checked, and ready for installation.

The Air Trap has positions for two “Fuel In” hose barb fittings that can be used for twin main fuel tanks. One of these “Fuel In” fittings can be blocked if there is a single main fuel tank requiring only one fuel inlet fitting.  A center hose barb fitting attaches to the fuel filter membrane. This is the “Fuel Out” position which delivers fuel to the turbine fuel pump.  Also, a drain/fill line is provided.

Hose Barb Fittings: The JMP Air Trap is available with hose barbs to fit either 1/8” i.d. or 3/16” i.d. tubing sizes. Many combinations of the two are also possible.  

Construction: The Air Trap is constructed from aircraft grade aluminum and the finest West Systems Epoxy with a main body that is translucent. It is easy to visually check for system air leaks and overall fuel system performance.

Proper Filling: The fitting with the smaller hole is for the fueling/de-fueling line. Do not allow any air to enter this line when removing the fill line from the fueling station. Fold this fill line over in your hand when the tanks are full and install the plug. Very little air should show in the Air Trap when the fuel tanks are completely full.

Proper Operation: Typical clunk style fuel systems found in model jets do not deliver fuel perfectly, especially when the model fuel tanks are near empty. Some air is normal to see in the Air Trap. An amount of air that would leave the Air Trap half full is not good. Either the main fuel tanks were run very low or there may be a leak upstream in the fuel system. This should be checked out.

Proper Orientation: The vertical design Air Traps are normally mounted straight up and bolted to the model control board. The horizontal design Air Traps are normally mounted with the mounting tabs bolted down to the model control board. On the horizontal design, this keeps the “Fuel In” fitting to the top. If you decide to mount the horizontal design Air Trap upside down to the bottom of the model control board, you must reverse the “Fuel In” fitting and the “Drain/Fill” hose barb fittings. Drain/Fill must always happen from the lower side of the Air Trap. Just remember that air in the system must be forced up and out during the filling cycle leaving the Air Trap completely full of fuel.

                  Available in 4 sizes and 2 mounting options!


           Small Horizontal Mount-1.5”x 3.25”-2.9 ozs................ 127.12   

           Small Vertical Mount-1.5” x 3.25”-2.9 ozs..................... 99.28

           Medium Horizontal Mount-1.75” x 3.75”-4.66 ozs........ 129.04

           Medium Vertical Mount-1.75” x 3.75”-4.66 ozs............ 100.72

           Large Horizontal Mount-2.25”x 4”-8.8 ozs................... 171.71

           Large Vertical Mount-2.25”x 4”-8.8 ozs....................... 133.31

           Extra Large Horizontal Mount-3”x 5”-19.5 ozs............. 183.11

           Extra Large Vertical Mount-3”x 5”-19.5 ozs................. 145.79

      Choose one option for each fuel line:

       1. Number of “Fuel In” hose fittings 1___or 2___

      2. Size of “Fuel In” hose fittings 1/8”___or 3/16”___

      3. Size of “Fuel Out to Pump” hose fittings 1/8”___or 3/16”___

      4. Size of “Fuel/De-Fuel” hose fitting and fuel line plug 1/8”___ or 3/16”___


2-Way Valve 59.95

The new JMP 2-Way valve is the finest and most robust servo controlled valve built for RC models. The spool design uses quad seals with definite end stops. Its vertical design allows the air lines to remain hidden. It is truly a high flow valve and may be ordered with hose barbs for 1/16" i.d. air line or 4mm air line.


The new JMP 1-Way Fill Valve is a precision machined check valve. It uses a checking concept found in expensive demanding aerospace equipment. Mounts to the model's control board using a washer and nut. The JMP Tapered Fill Adaptor provides easy connect and disconnect to the air supply. Available with hose barbs for 1/16" i.d. air line or 4mm air line.

NEW  JMP 1-Way Fill Valve 39.00

Tapered Fill Adaptor


A simple but effective way to couple your air pump to the 1-Way Fill Valve. Just push the tapered nylon fitting into the valve to create a temporary seal. Assembled with 2 feet of retract tubing.

Fuel Tank Fittings

These large fuel fittings are designed to minimize tank and pump pressures during fueling-defueling and running of the turbine. For 3/16" I.D. (bottom row) and 1/8" (top row) Tygon fuel tubing.

LARGE 50.00 / Set

SMALL 48.00/ Set

Individual parts available. Please contact us for pricing.

Machined arms and mounts are available for the HiTec 5755 metal gear servo. These parts are designed for heavy-duty applications requiring power and holding strength. The servos are somewhat larger than standard sizes and feature an extremely large and tough gear set.




          MACHINED SERVO ARM....... 75.00   0-FLEX MOUNTS......25.00 

This new twin vent overflow tank is designed for models with one or two fuel vents. The extra-large fuel fittings and tubing help to lower the pressure caused by fueling at a high rate.  



This custom fiberglass tank will deliver either turbine engine fuel or smoke fuel engine. A JMP Accumulator is embedded into the tank to save valuable fuselage space and deliver a bubble free fuel supply to the engine or smoke pump. The center baffle controls rapid fuel weight shift. A machined aluminum truss provides for easy mounting in the Hustler airframe or other similar model designs. This JMP fuel tank comes fully assembled and leak tested for the perfect fuel delivery system.

SMOKE TANK     250.00



Please visit the "Accessories" page for more great products.